Week 2 – Journal 2

7 Sep

As a beginner, I did not understand why people blog but something told me there are excellent benefits to blogging.  After reading this week’s content I began to understand why.  I try to put myself in the blogger’s position.  At the time of writing I do feel I’m writing for personal growth and satisfaction although I consider myself not so much a writer.  I don’t really have many ideas to write but with blogging I can write whatever that comes to my mind.  I do not have to follow a set of guidelines or try to please anyone with my ideas.

This exercise is a good start for me to share my thoughts on topics that interest me.  I know I will be writing many more posts till end of the semester.  Perhaps this will spark my interest in writing more blogs in the future.  I browsed through some websites and I find these websites particularly interesting:

Seven benefits of blogging  http://www.reason4smile.com/2008/02/12/seven-benefits-of-blogging-to-your-personal-growth/

Benefits of blogging:  a practitioner’s perspective http://www.kaushik.net/avinash/2008/05/benefits-of-blogging-a-practitioners-perspective.html


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