Week 5 – Journal 2

28 Sep

It is interesting to know that you can add gadgets to your website without having to do programming on your own.  I am very glad Dr. Harvard introduced us this feature on google site in this week’s content.  At first I had problems adding the gadgets to my site because I was still trying to figure things out.  I actually got my laptop infected with viruses by allowing the gadgets to be installed on my laptop.  Glad I figured something out eventually.

Personally I have never thought of the web (as we have now) would be able to do so many functions we can’t imagine 25 years ago.  A lot of things has changed since I first got online about 17 years ago.  At that time I had Netscape and Mosaic as my main web browsers.  The functions of the web was very limited back then.  Bandwidth was slow and there was no extra functions like what we have now.  What a big change! 

The video presentations helped me to understand the long-term trends and social consequences of technology particularly document sharing and network.   As someone who believes that the model of network as uncentered, digital technology offers important potential for education, educational institutions, scholarly and creative work, and society as a whole, I am fascinated and delighted by the way the web has taken hold.


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