Week 7 – Journal 1 Web 2.0 Podcast

11 Oct

I had fun watching the video “what do teens want?” about a panel of teenagers ages 15-18 discussing about their views about the current state of the Internet.  Facebook seems to be the most preferred source of social networking these days and I have to agree with what the teenagers said.  It is not only a common method of social networking for teens but also for working adult / mom like me.  What inspired me to create a Facebook account was that everyone I know in my family had a facebook account.  As soon as I signed up with Facebook, I got friends requests the next day.  Not only did my family and relatives added me as their friend but also friends whom I had lost in touch with for more than 10 years.  It’s amazing!

I also share the same view with the teens.  My favorite search engine is Google and I don’t think I will change it for now.  Before learning about Google, my preferable search engines were Yahoo and Alta Vista.  A good friend introduced me to Google more than 1o years ago.  Since then I never looked back.  I find Google to be easy and simple to use without having to see other links like in Yahoo.  I would say Google search engine offers no ‘distraction’ to its users.  It takes users straight to their main objective – to find information about a particular topic of interest.  There is no ‘sidetracking’ of any sort.


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