Week 9 – Journal 1 Second Life

25 Oct

I came across Second Life for the first time while doing a project on “Productivity and Multimedia” for my EME6313C course.  My first impression on the site was “awesome!”  Second Life is free to use and you can create your own avatar to be in specific locations in the virtual world.  You can make yourself present with this avatar and be able to see others who are in the same location as you. 

Second Life is a virtual world technology used by nonprofit organizations to construct inworld facilities, reach out to new audiences, build communities, and conduct campaigns in support of their causes. Residents can interact with inworld demonstrations, multimedia-rich presentations, and topical discussions.  My overall impression of Second Life is that it is a great technology that gives people the opportunity to be anyone they want and gives them freedom they can never imagine.  It has changed people’s life for the better.   It can also be used in other non-profit organizations such as http://www.globalkids.org/?id=30 and http://www.someenchantedevening.biz/  With regards to its use in education, Second Life provides help and support to educators and librarians as they begin to make use of it as part of their service delivery to end-users.


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