Week 10 – Journal 1 Second Life

1 Nov

I really had fun creating my avatar in Second Life.  For the first two hours I had my appearance all messed up and I looked like someone who came from another planet.  I went on experimenting on the different outfits you can put on your avatar.  I did some experiments on the hair and facial features as well.  At the time of writing I am still editing my avatar because I had too many stuff put on.  I also took a snapshot of the UWF site I visited for my instructor. 

One thing I love about Second Life is that my avatar is completely customizable, with myriad variations of skin tone, eye color, hair type, clothing, shoes, and so on.  This is my first experience with Second Life; I find the environment stunning!  I think I will want to come back often.  The people are friendly, and the environment is great.  After editing my avatar, I am going to visit more places to see what’s available. 

Here is an interesting article about Second Life use in education:

Why Second Life is already second-best for education http://www.metaversejournal.com/2010/10/06/why-second-life-is-already-second-best-for-education/


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