Week 11 – Journal 1 VoiceXML

9 Nov

VoiceXML is an XML application that formats voice dialogues between a human and a computer. It allows for voice applications to be developed and deployed similarly to the way HTML is used for visual applications.    Voice XML is our way of giving you full control of the call.  This powerful feature allows you to specify completely different execution paths for either when a live person answers or an answering machines picks up.  The moment the phone’s picked up, your Voice XML script is executed.  This new feature now allows you to specify two separate scripts.  One to be executed in case of a live answer, and another in case of an answering machine.

With VoiceXML gaining popularity, people no longer need a telephone receptionist to answer queries from the public.  Most of the telephone calls in business and government are handled by somekind of VoiceXML.  VoiceXML is used in customer service, banking, stock trading and notification services such as announcement from schools.    It can use existing web development tools and can have single application for both web and voice.  I experimented on calling 1-800-GOOG-411; the speech seemed very natural as if you’re talking to someone in real time!


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