Week 11 – Journal 2: 7 Ways Games Reward the Brain

9 Nov

The effects of video games on the brain is a highly controversial topic, as both benefits and drawbacks have been found, depending on the content of the video games played. Changes in brain regions associated with vision, motor skills, attention, reward, planning, emotion and social behavior are found after playing video games.

Video game playing may change social skills depending on the content of the video game. Video games requiring team playing can enhance collaboration skills.. Playing video games which encourage violence increases violent behavior, while playing video games that promote characters aiding each other in nonviolent ways have more “pro-social” behavior, according to a 2009 study by Gentile and Sakamoto. 

I do not have the skills and patience in playing video games and so therefore, I cannot say much about how a person feels after playing video games especially ones that require him or her to change the world. 

Read more:  What Are the Effects of Games on the Brain?  http://www.ehow.com/list_7277414_effects-games-brain_.html 


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