Week 13 – Web 2.0 for Teachers

29 Nov

New tools are emerging all the time, many not originally intended for education, but which can be put to good use by students and teachers alike to extent opportunities, enhance learning potential and develop the level of digital literacy that students will need for the 21st century.

While browsing the web today, I found some interesting sites on the best Web 2.0 resources for teachers and students.  One of the sites that I recommend teachers and students to visit is http://www.protopage.com/web2point0forteachers#Web_2.0_For_Teachers/Welcome   Not only it has “recent presentation” and “social networking” but it has extra stuff like software, productivity tools, audio/video communication, text based communication and many more.  I think teachers and students will benefit a lot from the resources provided on the site.


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