Week 14 – Journal 1

29 Nov

While experts are still arguing about the definition of Web 2.0, I feel that it has to do with a more engaging, stunning and interactive websites.  The most important part is that the applications run on the web rather than on your desktop.  This can save us hard disk memory and storage.   There are a lot of engaging and interactive sites out there and they seem to be too difficult to keep track.  One good example is Second Life.  My first impression with Second Life was “stunning!”  It never came across my mind that you can create a graphical representation of yourself online and meet other people who do the same.  This concept reminds me of the movie “Avatar.” 

Using an avatar to meet people online is like almost real although you don’t actually look like your avatar.  It’s not comparable to text messenger like Yahoo and MSN Messenger.  I have seen presentation about a device that can read what your brain tells you to do.  In future your avatar may be abe to communicate with others using your brainwaves instead of typing.  How sophisticated that will be!  Sometimes technology changes too fast it’s hard to keep track.


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