Week 10 – Journal 1 Second Life

1 Nov

I really had fun creating my avatar in Second Life.  For the first two hours I had my appearance all messed up and I looked like someone who came from another planet.  I went on experimenting on the different outfits you can put on your avatar.  I did some experiments on the hair and facial features as well.  At the time of writing I am still editing my avatar because I had too many stuff put on.  I also took a snapshot of the UWF site I visited for my instructor. 

One thing I love about Second Life is that my avatar is completely customizable, with myriad variations of skin tone, eye color, hair type, clothing, shoes, and so on.  This is my first experience with Second Life; I find the environment stunning!  I think I will want to come back often.  The people are friendly, and the environment is great.  After editing my avatar, I am going to visit more places to see what’s available. 

Here is an interesting article about Second Life use in education:

Why Second Life is already second-best for education http://www.metaversejournal.com/2010/10/06/why-second-life-is-already-second-best-for-education/


Week 9 – Journal 2

26 Oct

I would like to share some of the cool Second Life sites that I found:

Campus: Second Life (Pathfinder Linden’s hosted space for educators) – http://slurl.com/secondlife/Campus/150/100

Ann Myers Medical Center:   it aims to assist students to become more proficient in initial exam history and physicals; to become more proficient in the analysis of MRIs, CTs and X-rays.  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hospital/133/135/25

Teen Second Life:  Create, learn new skills, start a business, meet new people http://teen.secondlife.com/

Second Life Videos



Week 9 – Journal 1 Second Life

25 Oct

I came across Second Life for the first time while doing a project on “Productivity and Multimedia” for my EME6313C course.  My first impression on the site was “awesome!”  Second Life is free to use and you can create your own avatar to be in specific locations in the virtual world.  You can make yourself present with this avatar and be able to see others who are in the same location as you. 

Second Life is a virtual world technology used by nonprofit organizations to construct inworld facilities, reach out to new audiences, build communities, and conduct campaigns in support of their causes. Residents can interact with inworld demonstrations, multimedia-rich presentations, and topical discussions.  My overall impression of Second Life is that it is a great technology that gives people the opportunity to be anyone they want and gives them freedom they can never imagine.  It has changed people’s life for the better.   It can also be used in other non-profit organizations such as http://www.globalkids.org/?id=30 and http://www.someenchantedevening.biz/  With regards to its use in education, Second Life provides help and support to educators and librarians as they begin to make use of it as part of their service delivery to end-users.

Week 8 – Journal 2 Wikipedia

19 Oct

This week’s learning experience has been awesome.  I learned to edit and save information on Wikipedia!  I have always wondered how Wikipedia works and all this time I thought it was created by a group of intellectual people that have a bunch of knowledge to contribute.  I never thought an ordinary person like me can also contribute to the encyclopedia!  Having had an experience of contributing to Wikipedia I may want to contribute more articles or information in the future.  It’s nice to know that people are constantly looking for information and one day they will come across the information that you have provided.  This is a great way of knowledge sharing across the world wide web regardless where in the world you may be.

The good thing about Wikipedia is that anyone can contribute their knowledge to the content.  The advantage of this is that it helps to boost the writer’s self-esteem and writing skills.  There are also critics about its inconsistent and inaccurate information because anyone person can contribute the information anonymously.  Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Wikipedia:

What is Wikipedia?  The history and some controversy surrounding Wikipedia http://what-is-what.com/what_is/wikipedia.html

What is Wikipedia and what is good for you?  http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig8/clark-d1.html

What is Wikipedia …. And how does it treat history?  http://hnn.us/articles/8837.html

Despite the disadvantages, I see Wikipedia as a good tool for information and knowledge sharing in the virtual world.

Week 8 – Journal 1 Wiki

18 Oct

I was introduced to Wiki last two semesters in one of my elective courses.  Wiki was used as a collaboration tool in the course and I thought this was a great idea for teachers to make learning materials available to their students.  Creating a Wiki account is easy and there are more benefits – it’s free and anyone in the study group can participate in online collaboration.  Before I got to use Wiki, I had to get a special permission from my course instructor because she was the administrator of the Wiki site that we were working on.  Once approved, students got to share their ideas on the site.  Anyone student in the group can make ammendments to the documents but there is a specific guidelines set by the instructor the students must follow.  Overall, it was a good learning experience.

This week I get to create my own Wiki account and share something on the site.  I have a feeling this is going to be fun!  I will post something tomorrow.  Here are some benefits of Wiki:  http://www.clomedia.com/in-conclusion/jeanne-c-meister/2008/February/2064/index.php

Week 7 – Journal 2

12 Oct

YouTube finally allowed me to create an account today.  There must have been a technical error on their site yesterday because they would not allow me to create a new account.  Anyway, I’m glad that’s done.  I had a minor problem trying to get some video files that I was interested in; I just couldn’t find the right video for my YouTube channel.  Lucky for me I found a website that offered a free internet video downloader by Applan Technologies.  There was no catch whatsoever and I was able to use the feature in a flash although I was a bit weary at first having to install more software that I will not use much onto my laptop.

Setting a YouTube account was fairly easy just like any other sites that offer free services for example Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and many more.  A few months back I watched some videos about a young boy who played the guitar so well that I almost thought he was a professional!  To me, he’s amazing.  I like playing the guitar but I’m nowhere as good as him.  Guitar is one of the hardest musical instruments for me to learn.  You can watch him play on my YouTube channel  http://www.youtube.com/user/leutmaf   He was only 8 years old when he played this song (California Dreaming).  Now he’s 13.  I can imagine what he will be like when he gets older.  I have also included a video link of him playing another song “Mission Impossible.”

Week 7 – Journal 1 Web 2.0 Podcast

11 Oct

I had fun watching the video “what do teens want?” about a panel of teenagers ages 15-18 discussing about their views about the current state of the Internet.  Facebook seems to be the most preferred source of social networking these days and I have to agree with what the teenagers said.  It is not only a common method of social networking for teens but also for working adult / mom like me.  What inspired me to create a Facebook account was that everyone I know in my family had a facebook account.  As soon as I signed up with Facebook, I got friends requests the next day.  Not only did my family and relatives added me as their friend but also friends whom I had lost in touch with for more than 10 years.  It’s amazing!

I also share the same view with the teens.  My favorite search engine is Google and I don’t think I will change it for now.  Before learning about Google, my preferable search engines were Yahoo and Alta Vista.  A good friend introduced me to Google more than 1o years ago.  Since then I never looked back.  I find Google to be easy and simple to use without having to see other links like in Yahoo.  I would say Google search engine offers no ‘distraction’ to its users.  It takes users straight to their main objective – to find information about a particular topic of interest.  There is no ‘sidetracking’ of any sort.